Fairs and Festivals

Spring Festival of Hama, Where: Hama, When: April

Flower Festival,
Where:  Latakia, When:  April

Assyrian New Year Festival, Where:  Qamishli, When:  April

Nowruz Kurdish New Year Festival, Where: Qamishli,  When:  21 March

Traditional Festival, Where:  Palmyra, When:  May

International Flower Fair, Where: Damascus, When:  May

Syrian Song Festival, Where:  Aleppo, When:  July

Marmarita Festival, Where:  Homs, When:  August

Festival of le Crac des Chevaliers and the Valley for Arts & Culture,
Where:  Homs, When: August

Vine Festival As, Where: Suwayda, When: September

Cotton Festival, Where: Aleppo, When: September

Damascus International Fair, Where:  Damascus, When:  September

Festival of Love and Peace, Where:  Lattakia, When:  2–12 August

Bosra Festival, Where:  Bosra, When:  September

Film and Theatre Festival, Where:  Damascus, When:  November

Cultural Festival of Jableh, Where:  Jableh, When:  July

Jasmine Festival,  Where: Damascus, When:  April

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