Peace Proposals

Several peace initiatives and plans to resolve the 2011–2012 Syrian uprising have been issued to date. Among the most significant attempts to resolve the Syrian conflict was the Arab League peace plan and the resulting Arab League observer mission, launched in December 2011. In addition, Russian proposal was also issued, but reached a deadlock.

In early 2012, the "Friends of Syria Group" initiative was established, which resulted in a multi-national conference in Tunisia, in order to find a solution to the Syrian crisis in the Middle East. Successive meeting was held in Turkey during April. The Kofi Annan peace plan for Syria was initiated in February as Kofi Annan, former U.N. Secretary General was apointed as U.N.-Arab League peace envoy for Syria, The Kofi Annan peace plan is considered the most serious international attempt to resolve the Syrian conflict in the Middle East, and it plans to impose a cease fire beginning 10 April 2012.

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